In contemporary society, love has become ethereal, intangible—something of fiction in a society built upon domination.  We reserve our ideas of true love for a romantic partner, someone to become our ‘other half’ but how can we suddenly pour our love into another when we do not know true love elsewhere? Humankind can benefit from love if people can gain an understanding of true love beyond sexual desire and realize its position for people’s aspiration for respect, empathy and spiritual nurturing.   
I explore the process of understanding love and its complexities.  A loving society cannot flourish when institutional oppression continues to prevail.  By creating work that reflects a hopeful, yet sensitive approach to the future, I urge us to begin our cooperative recovery from imposed barriers and strive for a world of unrestrained affection and support. 
Invented symbols have aided me in in demonstrating the fluctuating behaviour of recovery and relationships between one another, our environments, and ourselves. My imagery consists of minimalist drawings of ambiguous figures in various stages of transcendence and opening up to love.  My work focuses on understanding the importance of love through the process of healing and thinking of the individual as part of a complex and evolving system pertaining to the whole of humanity and nature.  Love can be a transformative power against adversity and perpetual loneliness if we can allow ourselves to open up.

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